Good things take time.

ESSENSO MicroGround Coffee is an excellent example.

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The Platinum Standard in instant coffee is finally here.

True to its name, ESSENSO MicroGround Coffee is not just a testament to coffee’s allure as an everyday pick-me-up, but also a timely acknowledgment of its gustatory importance. So begins a new dawn in coffee enjoyment.


When did you last stop to think about what you wanted in an instant coffee? What if a timely switch from your regular choice is able to re-ignite your appreciation of this familiar beverage? What if ESSENSO MicroGround Coffee is able to provide a pleasant pause from the hectic world we live in? And what if you could taste it right now?

A welcome break from the status quo.

Ever since its discovery, coffee has left Man mesmerised. But while many have tried to glimpse its soul, not many have succeeded. Until now. Driven by a relentless thirst to unearth coffee’s essence, we have accomplished a breakthrough: a new standard of coffee borne out of blending finely ground Arabica coffee beans with premium Arabica instant coffee; a Platinum Standard that is ESSENSO MicroGround Coffee.

Deeper in aroma, richer in taste.

Created only with premium Arabica coffee beans, ESSENSO MicroGround Coffee offers you an intense yet exquisite experience, rousing your senses with a renowned bean variety.

A fuller-bodied coffee in every sip.

ESSENSO MicroGround Coffee offers the right balance of sweetness, acidity and flavour, not to mention a rich, lingering taste. All this is made possible by MicroPlus: a proprietary technique that preserves the essence of coffee beans by finely grinding them at a low speed, in an oxygen-free and ultra-low temperature environment.

An iconic union. An iconic blend.

A distinctive note and mouthfeel.

A blend of finely ground Arabica coffee and premium Arabica instant coffee is what gives ESSENSO MicroGround Coffee its signature roasted note and smooth texture. And, of course, its gratifying influence over our palate.

Stop to think.

Everyone deserves to savour the best instant coffee experience available. Don’t you?
If so, consider the ESSENSO MicroGround Coffee range the perfect place to start.

The name for microground coffee.

Whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur, there’s always a favourite waiting for you within the ESSENSO range.


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Fancy a satisfying cup of coffee? Look no further. Our signature 3in1 blend delivers a deeper aroma with a distinctive roasted note and a richer coffee that leaves a lingering aftertaste.
Wouldn't you want a blend as delectable as this?

Net Wt.: 625g, 25g x 25 Sticks

2in1 Coffee & Creamer

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2in1 Coffee & Creamer

A smooth and creamy brew with no sugar added. This blend appeals to coffee lovers who prefer an intense coffee taste with a roasted aroma, that lingers with every sip.

Net Wt.: 400g, 16g x 25 Sticks

Drink to believe.

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